Scope of application of PE pipe
作者:Asta news    时间:2011/11/22

   Scope of application of PE pipe

90 years since the 20th century, China's synthetic resin industry booming, production and consumption has maintained a good momentum of growth. At present, China's synthetic resin production capacity to reach 10 million tons, out the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the largest in the world top five. However, plastic pipes required for a variety of special resin still large gaps in the country although the PE and PP resin production is large, but not much suitable for pipe resin, particularly suitable for urban water supply, city gas transmission used in PE Special Materials and construction of hot and cold water pipes used for PP-R Special Material for less need to import a certain amount of plastic pipe resin.

Rapid development of China's plastic pipe, the quality is improving. At present, has taken initial shape in order to polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipe, polyethylene (PE) pipes and polypropylene (PP-R) Pipe-based plastic pipe industry. One polyethylene (PE) pipe because of its unique advantages is widely used in building water supply, construction drainage, underground drainage, building heating, gas pipelines, electrical and telecommunications protection casing, industrial pipe, agricultural pipe . Its mainly used in urban water supply, city gas supply and irrigation.


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